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Company Updates:
‘Be the Business’ advisory board propels Glider forward

The ‘Be the Business’ Advisory Board programme allows businesses to enjoy non-executive director-style support from a group of experienced business people made up of leaders and senior managers from successful firms with specialisms such as finance, marketing, and operations. Joining this programme allowed growing SME Glider to benefit from high-calibre construction industry-focused support.

Given its aspirational growth plan, Glider decided to take advantage of the Advisory Boards programme to learn from experienced business people about prioritising the right tasks as the company’s growth gains greater momentum. Nick Hutchinson, Managing Director at Glider, commented: “We were really impressed that Be the Business has pulled together a panel that was so closely aligned to our company and ambitions.”

One of Glider’s key priorities when working with the board was gaining advice on funding options to help execute its plans for development. Glider has grown through organic profits, but recognises that it requires additional capital to accelerate its software product development roadmap in addition to expanding its sales and marketing reach. The company wishes to retain full control of its direction of travel, and therefore is looking at different funding options to maintain its independence as it grows.

For a more in-depth look at Glider’s success with the Advisory Boards programme, read ‘Be the Business’ story.


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