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Glider Information Security

At Glider, protecting highly sensitive data is a given

Secure by design

No communication leaves our environment without being encrypted end to end to the customer. All files are encrypted at rest and our database replication channel is similarly strongly encrypted.

Access to our environment is strictly regulated; our developers do not have access to production machines unless strictly necessary to do their work. We use state of the art firewalls. Anyone who wants to access the environment requires at least three different security tokens, including a two-factor authentication token.

Cloud or self-hosted software

We offer gliderbim® as a cloud CDE deployment which is hosted by Amazon Web Services in the Ireland, London and Frankfurt regions.

For those where a cloud environment isn’t suitable, we also offer a self-hosted version which can be hosted in any datacentre or server. The self-hosted version does not require an internet connection and is therefore suitable for highly sensitive use.

Security accreditations

Your data is safe with us. As well as being ISO 27001 certified, we are CyberEssentials+ and MoD CyDR certified. These standards, coupled with our UK CDE deployment, meet the UK data sovereign requirements for projects up to the classification of Official-Sensitive. from design to handover and beyond.

Software that’s up to the challenge

gliderbim®’s software-as-a-service platform includes secure, robust, hosting offering performance, capacity and scalability designed for complex projects and property portfolios.

As standard, this includes:

  • A service level agreement with 99.95% availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Full replication to a secondary datacentre environment
  • SSL encryption of client and server communication
  • Data backup every five minutes
  • Technical support by phone and email
  • Software maintenance & software upgrades
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Information Management

Power up your CDE platform

Create a single source of truth with complete data integrity across multiple platforms without replacing existing asset management and FM systems.

gliderbim® has a secure Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for deep integrations with other software systems, such as CAFM, BEMS, IoT networks & devices, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), financial systems, BIM object libraries, BIM authoring software, and document management systems.

Discover gliderbim®

Your trusted partner for protecting your CDE asset data

Security controls at your fingertips

Security & permissions

Permissions in gliderbim® are used to manage user access to folders, documents and features. A permission record is a combination of user groups, access (read/write) and cascade rules. This provides granular security access to the information stored in the platform.

User groups

User groups control security permissions, workflows, notifications and transmittals. Individual users can be added to and removed from user groups making it easy to manage access to information for your different stakeholders.

Virtual folder structure

Create a customisable, virtual folder structure so access to sensitive information can be controlled by user permissions. Folders can be easily moved, renamed and archived by privileged users.

Audit trail

There is an automatic audit trail recorded for document versions and status history. All previous versions of documents are also kept forever as an immutable record.

Disaster recovery

In the unlikely event of an outage, we have a full disaster recovery plan. This ‘hot-failover environment’ is designed to detect a failure and immediately switch over to the secondary database in a different location with no interruption to service or loss of performance.