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Maximising project success – 5 reasons main contractors should consider an enterprise level agreement for digital handover management

Maximising project success - 5 reasons why main contractors should consider an enterprise level agreement with Glider for digital handover management

At Glider, we understand the challenges faced by main contractors in meeting the demands of complex handover while managing limited resources. Our fully managed service, powered by the innovative gliderbim® information management digital platform, ensures a consistently smooth and compliant handover experience every time. With an enterprise licence, your connected supply chain will have a familiar and consistent handover platform to work with, reducing friction of use and improving the quality of handover deliverables.

However, perceiving premium services as costly might lead to settling for cheaper but less effective alternatives. Here are five compelling reasons why main contractors should consider an enterprise framework agreement with Glider for their complex project needs:

Economies of scale

Embrace a consistent approach across projects, regardless of their size or complexity. Engaging with Glider under an enterprise framework agreement over tactical project working unlocks the benefits of our structured pricing, best practice sharing and continual improvement. This ensures not only quality enhancements but also cost certainty and working practices that align with industry-leading standards.

Streamlined tech stack management

Large contractors often grapple with disparate software platforms and licensing agreements across project teams, leading to inefficiencies. With Glider’s trusted platform gliderbim® adopted uniformly across multiple projects, you can unify your approach, making team mobilisation and compliance with internal IT standards easier, ensuring a consistent high-quality output every time.

Reduce duplication of effort

Under the agreement, Glider offers comprehensive support, including academy training for super users, self-service options and dedicated strategic account management. This consolidated approach minimises the duplication of effort for internal users and the managed supply chain, empowers project teams and ensures a seamless handover process.

Fully verified and compliant deliverables

Add substantial value to your client by delivering them an integrated asset information model complete with O&Ms, health and safety files, testing and commissioning records, as-built drawings as well as linked 3D models and validated asset information (IFC and/or COBie). With expertise in managing large volumes of data from multiple trade contractors, Glider ensures compliance and delivers assured data for a successful operational soft landing at project completion.

Planning and progress reporting

Through Glider’s platform, main contractors gain access to meticulous O&M management, trade contractor training and performance monitoring. This comprehensive approach ensures precise planning, efficient progress reporting and optimised performance of the project lifecycle through to completion.

An enterprise framework agreement with Glider offers main contractors a strategic advantage by providing a consistent, cost-effective and first-class digital handover management solution. With more than 10,000 active users and a number of award-winning projects under our belt, it’s a pathway to unlocking efficiency, ensuring compliance and delivering unparalleled value to clients, ultimately translating into successful project outcomes for all.

Embrace the power of an enterprise-level partnership with Glider and elevate your project handover experience to new heights.

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