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DIO launches AIM CDE across all FDIS contracts

Supporting the DIO with their digital transformation

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has successfully led a phased deployment of a new AIM CDE. They will be using the gliderbim® platform with the support of Glider’s information management consultants. The latest phase of go-live sees the platform being made available to DIO’s Regional Delivery teams and their Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) contractors. This implementation has been executed by the Asset Information Management (AIM) team who sit within DIO’s Data Exploitation (DEx) department.

About the DIO

The DIO is an operating arm of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and plays a critical role in supporting the UK’s armed forces by building, maintaining and servicing the UK’s defence infrastructure. Defence maintains over 130,000 buildings and infrastructure assets including some 50,000 houses. DIO required a CDE platform which is capable of securely managing this level of asset data and integrating with operational systems that enable actionable insights on their large and complex estate.

The Solution

To support and comply with the Government Construction Strategy (GCS), gliderbim® is providing the Defence with a seamless, integrated AIM solution that will facilitate improved management of its data, models and documents to enable efficient collaboration with technical service partners, industry partners and suppliers.

Dave Simpson, AH Asset Management in DIO Accommodation commented: “AIM CDE is a step change in how DIO will manage asset information, and it will substantially enhance information flow and communication across the varied work streams that we deliver in, enabling a ‘one-stop shop’ approach for project delivery and asset detail. AIM CDE’s advent on the 1st August signals the end of an intense development phase and the start of a new era in how DIO manages its data.”

Industry Standards

Glider successfully meets Defence Infrastructure’s requirement for an ISO 19650-compliant CDE, which is specified as part of the GCS. The Glider team, together with DIO, has worked to define a holistic set of requirements to be implemented.

The CDE became available to Accommodation, Regional Delivery and MPP (including internal colleagues and external suppliers) from 1 August 2022. This is a celebratory milestone for the DIO, as it achieves its strategic goal in the DIO Strategy of implementing an asset management system. This will enable the team to be data centric, digitally capable and to innovate by default, transforming the contribution of infrastructure to Defence.

Achieving Milestones

Nick Hutchinson, Managing Director commented: “We are pleased to have helped Defence achieve this milestone in their digital transformation journey. Managing a government body’s volume of data is no easy task and security is a heightened concern, but the AIM CDE enabled by gliderbim® will significantly improve data control.”

“The CDE will provide a clear master record of all of their estate asset information, provide a robust audit trail for better security and compliance, and will improve collaborative working through the use of the MOD’s secure cloud deployment.”

The gliderbim® CDE will become a key component of the Defence infrastructure’s Federated Data Architecture to manage asset information for both capital delivery projects and maintenance of their existing estate.

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