Hero Background

Client Success:
The story of gliderbim® and a global oil industry giant

What are the projects?

The famous Shell Centre Tower was originally designed by Sir Howard Robertson and built in 1957. The tower has spent the last several years undergoing a huge transformation project as a part of the South Bank masterplan. The 5.25 acre site has retained its 27-storey tower, with the addition of extra office, retail and residential space to the site.

Building on the success of the Shell Tower refurbishment, Shell then continued their upgrade programme by moving on to the redevelopment of its 20 York Road premises nearby in Waterloo.

Who is involved? 

The contractor on both of these large-scale projects was Overbury.  Having work with Overbury on many previous projects, Overbury was extremely familiar with how to maximise the capabilities of gliderbim® as the Common Data Environment (CDE) for both projects.

Subsequently, Shell then requested to take ownership of all project and asset information collected during both builds. The handover of this information ownership was designed specifically for this project, to enable the information to be useful and usable from a facilities management and asset owner’s operational perspective. The detailed asset data delivered through gliderbim® will serve to future proof the quality of the building information as its use changes over time.


Having also previously worked with Shell on asset information handovers, Glider was the obvious choice as the asset information modelling (AIM) CDE. As a result, Shell is now working directly with Glider to design and configure the asset space to suit its specific needs.

Originally providing handover documentation support, Glider has been helping to build a configured platform for information and documentation to be stored in a useful and dynamic way.

Now that Overbury has delivered the physical building and its project information model, they have handed that information over to Glider, where the team has engaged Shell on how this dataset can support downstream operational decisions.

Validated and verified information

Glider’s role was to take control of the masses of information collected by Overbury during construction ensuring it was validated and verified to meet Shell’s specific asset information requirements.  We worked with Shell to find out how they wanted to find this trusted and assured information, and how they would be using it.

Facilities Management partner Sodexo is a key partner for Glider, guiding us on the best way to set up the information model for those two buildings. Together with Shell and Sodexo, we created a tailored information model within gliderbim®, that will now help to ensure facilities management processes reliant on quality data are easier and more efficient.

We needed to consider who would be using the asset, and how each persona would need to search and find specific information relevant to their role and need. From there we created a new way of navigating that asset information hierarchy that suits the needs of all stakeholders.

What’s next for Shell?

Having worked with Shell on a number of projects, it is possible that Glider will now be asked to implement similar solutions across its wider portfolio, building upon the best practice lessons learned and uplifting their information management capability further. We are at the stage where we have designed and configured the right solution for Shell on these two projects. Glider’s asset information management solution is now a key part of the Shell Tower and 20 York Road asset information architecture.


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