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Shining the spotlight on BIM at the University of Nottingham

As part of its learning initiative, Glider continues to collaborate with the University of Nottingham to promote knowledge and the practical application of BIM.

The built environment industry remains one of the most productive sectors of the UK economy with the British construction market valued at c.£375 billion, as of December 2022. The industry shows no sign of slowing down; but with a lack of skilled applicants, companies operating in and around the built environment are currently facing a challenge in meeting the rising demand for work.

As a forward-thinking company, Glider acknowledges the importance of educating the next generation of the built environment industry on information management and BIM. To carry out these aims, John Adams, Head of Product at Glider has been visiting the University of Nottingham since 2020 to help educate its students on BIM. The university also teaches students gliderbim® software as part of its architectural and engineering courses.

Commenting on the university’s partnership with Glider, Sarah Davidson, Associate Professor and Director of Education and Student Experience for the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering said: “For the third year running the University of Nottingham has been using gliderbim® to help develop students’ understanding of the UK BIM Framework and management of information through a Common Data Environment.”

“With John Adams’ support, undergraduate and postgraduate students have successfully configured and implemented gliderbim®, developing their skills to create a digital, rules-based approach to information management. They have been able to set up various data requirements, enhancing their understanding of different plans of work, Uniclass, and the UK BIM Framework, they have structured naming conventions and workflows and have explored how to use gliderbim® to collaborate and share information efficiently.  This practical process is proving to be a hugely beneficial experience that will serve them well as they progress their careers in the built environment.”

Commenting on the partnership, John Adams, Head of Product at Glider, added, “It’s not only rewarding to help students with their studies and to prepare for their careers, but imparting our knowledge at educational institutions is vital for the future of the industry. BIM is now a mainstay of the AEC industries, so it’s essential for any young people who want to go into these sectors to have at least a foundational understanding of BIM software and how it works. At Glider, we’re proud to support BIM career planning through the provision of educational resources.”


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