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How AIM CDE software can help building owners

What is an AIM CDE?

AIM CDE software can help to improve collaboration, coordination and the exchange of information. We explore some of the key ways an AIM CDE can help building owners and operators.

Centralised information management

AIM CDE software provides a centralised repository for all building data, including architectural drawings, models, specifications, contracts, schedules and other relevant documents. Asset owners can access and manage this information from a single location, ensuring they have the most up-to-date and accurate data at their fingertips. The key difference between an AIM CDE and the solutions that are commonly in use is that an AIM CDE stores structured data, geometry and documents rather than just file storage.

Efficient project monitoring

With an AIM CDE, asset owners can monitor the progress of construction and track compliance with Asset Information Requirements (AIRs), regulations and standards such as the Building Safety Act.

Streamlined handover and operations

An AIM CDE can facilitate a smooth transition from construction to building operation. It allows building owners to receive comprehensive digital documentation, such as as-built models, maintenance manuals, warranties and equipment information. This data can be easily accessed and utilised for ongoing facility management, maintenance and future renovations or expansions.

Improved decision making

Having access to accurate and up to date building information can help asset owners make better-informed decisions.

This information can help to:

  • Lower running costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Enhance comfort, health and safety
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance building value

Enhanced collaboration

An AIM CDE promotes collaboration among key stakeholders. During construction, building owners can securely share information with architects, engineers and contractors, allowing for effective communication and coordination of their requirements. During operation, building maintenance team can access accurate information to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Data security and integrity

AIM CDE software typically has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive project data. Building owners can have control over access rights and permissions, ensuring that only authorised individuals can view or modify the information. Data integrity is maintained, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies throughout the asset lifecycle.

In summary, an Asset Information Management Common Data Environment offers asset owners a centralised platform for efficient building management with improved decision-making, streamlined collaboration and enhanced facility operation. By embracing innovation and adopting best practices in information management, asset owners can position themselves for sustained success in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.


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