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Company Updates:
Glider successfully awarded a place among Government’s G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace

A 'best in class', data-driven Common Data Environment (CDE)

Now available via G-Cloud 12 is our flagship product, gliderbim® – a ‘best in class’, data-driven Common Data Environment (CDE) that helps to ensure the design, construction and operation of built assets are managed in an efficient and holistic way. This end-to-end asset information management platform connects projects and teams with real-time data from design through to operation – minimising risk and saving costs.

Through G-Cloud 12, public sector bodies will be able to access the full gliderbim® functionality, enabling them to:

  • Deploy a Common Data Environment (CDE) in line with ISO 19650 standards
  • Version control and audit trail all models, data and documents via the built-in document management system
  • Manage BIM and handover deliverables from the supply chain throughout all design and construction stages
  • Automatically connect BIM models with asset information and digital operations and maintenance (O&M) data
  • Automatically verify and validate asset data within documents and BIM models
  • Import, enrich and export fully compliant COBie data and IFC models
  • Real time progress reporting of the asset information and O&M data
  • View BIM models online in 3D
  • Integrate BIM models, BIM information and O&M data with CAFM, EDMS, BMS and other mission-critical operational applications via API

A huge step foward

Our innovative services and cloud-based platform are a huge step forward for government bodies in implementing BIM in line with ISO 19650 standards, as well as helping them to save time and money not just during the construction phase – but throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

With a more comprehensive CDE that offers information management capabilities, the operation and maintenance of government and public owned buildings will become more cost-effective and efficient providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

Bespoke support and training

To support each deployment of the gliderbim® platform, our in-house industry experts create a bespoke implementation plan to ensure all aspects of the implementation process are meticulously planned, documented and tested to ensure the CDE system is configured correctly, is stable, secure and performs optimally at all times. A bespoke training programme will then be developed and delivered to the different users of the platform.

As well as training users in the software itself, information management, BIM management and BIM coordination services can also be provided to support individual projects or enterprise-wide requirements.

Achieve more with Glider

With this additional support, we can ensure teams are reducing deployment times, as well as improving the users’ understanding of the platform. By making sure the platform is configured correctly for a given project helps to deliver the best possible outcomes for the building owner, occupier or employer.

The combination of a great tool – and the ability to master it – all via the government’s G-Cloud 12 framework, is now helping to support those responsible for some of Britain’s most important buildings. This enables individual building operational teams to harness the vast volume of data within their projects in the most efficient way possible, offering a new digital approach to design, construction, operation and maintenance.

The advanced technology within gliderbim® is ISO 27001 compliant and meets all 14 CDE security principles published by the CPNI, providing assurance that your data is in safe and secure hands.

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