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Company Updates:
Glider expansion continues with the appointment of new software engineer

Peter Fields has over 15 years’ experience in responsive web-based development, specialising in mobile technology and progressive web apps. Peter’s appointment comes as the result of increased demand for CDE solutions throughout 2020, with substantial new contracts already awarded to Glider in the past 12 months.

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry relies heavily on software for many functions – from automated systems to complex manufacturing processes – and the role of a Software Engineer is pivotal in the development of software that provides real solutions. At Glider, Peter’s role will address the entire software development lifecycle – from needs analysis through to design, delivery and maintenance.

gliderbim® is an intelligent online platform for managing project information and asset data, allowing clients to create their own unique CDE for project data, models and documentation. This end-to-end asset information management platform connects projects and teams with real-time data, from design through to operation. Peter will not only monitor and maintain system quality, he will also develop new standard operating procedures and enhance the application by identifying opportunities in line with direct client feedback.

Through all his roles, Peter has championed “agile working”, something that Glider has practiced since it was founded five years ago by Nick Hutchinson and Steve Rukuts. They firmly believe in the idea that small, innovative teams should be given the freedom to experiment, to enable them to work faster and smarter. This was also a key factor in Peter’s move to Glider, where part of his role will see him identifying better ways of working.

Nick Hutchinson, Glider Managing Director, said: “These are exciting times for Glider and the AEC industry as a whole, with companies focusing more on incorporating new technologies to revolutionise their operations. Peter’s expertise in advanced software development makes him a great new asset on our team of engineers.”