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Celebrating a bright future in Brighton

Glider Team Away Day, May 2024

For a company that operates fully remotely, these in-person gatherings are more than just a break from our home offices. They’re a vital opportunity to connect, collaborate and celebrate our shared journey and passion for Glider’s success.

Welcoming new faces

This away day was particularly special as we welcomed our new Investment Partner, Cow Corner, to the Glider family. Meeting our new colleagues face-to-face added a personal touch that video calls simply can’t replicate. We also got to meet new Glider colleagues who have joined the company since the last face-to-face event at Christmas.

Plans for the future

The day kicked off with a presentation at the Sussex Cricket Ground. Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Hutchinson, along with Dan French from Cow Corner, shared exciting plans for accelerating Glider’s growth. Their insights and strategic vision energised the team, laying out a clear path for our exciting future ahead.

More cricket-based fun

Following the presentations, it was time to get active with some cricket-based activities at Sixes Social Cricket. The group was split into two teams and their batting skills were put to the test. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition.

Dinner, drinks and building connections

As the sun began to set, we gathered for a delightful dinner and drinks. For a team spread across different locations, these moments of shared laughter and conversation are invaluable. They remind us of the people behind the screens, enhancing our sense of community and belonging.


The importance of team days for remote workers

For remote workers, team days are more than just a chance to have fun – they’re essential for maintaining strong, personal connections. They allow us to celebrate our achievements, welcome new team members and align on future goals face to face, something we also recognise is important for our employees, who predominantly work from home. ‘ in a way that virtual meetings often can’t achieve.

Looking ahead

Our Brighton away day was a resounding success and we look forward to many more. As Glider continues to grow and innovate, these gatherings will remain a cornerstone of our culture. They not only reinforce our shared mission but also ensure that every team member feels valued and connected.

The day was a perfect blend of inspiration, activity and camaraderie. We’re excited about the future and the incredible things we’ll achieve together. Here’s to many more memorable moments and continued success for the Glider team!

Take a look at the video below to see our Brighton highlights.