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Glider’s information management challenge on 40 Leadenhall Street

Glider's information management challenge on 40 Leadenhall Street

Glider was appointed as the asset information management and handover consultant during the construction of this prestigious building. We handled all the data. Due to the number of trades involved, this resulted in hundreds of models, and as a result, a large volume of asset data to be managed. By keeping all the validated and structured data together in one platform, the operator and tenants now have the opportunity to fully exploit the data to run the building.

This webinar provides valuable insights into the information management journey undertaken on this award-winning project. We shed light on the complexities we encountered and the strategies employed to ensure a seamless handover to operation.

About the speaker:

For over 20 years, Lucas has been bridging the gap between construction and operation. He facilitates the procurement, delivery and management of asset information. Consequently, he has held information management roles in the development, design, construction and operation of large and real estate assets. During this time, Lucas saw opportunity for the use of data at each stage in an asset’s lifecycle and has worked to manage its transition and exploitation from one stage to the next.

At Glider, Lucas manages the go-to-market strategy for creating value for asset owners from the information produced from design and construction.

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Thank you to Construction Management and BIMplus for giving us permission to share this recording. This webinar was recorded on 18 January 2024 and was sponsored by Ideagen Mail Manager. To watch the webinar in full click here.