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From data to intelligence: the role of information management in a smart building strategy

From data to intelligence: the role of information management in a smart building strategy

For more than 15 years, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been a prevalent term within the construction industry. However, its influence has now extended beyond construction and into the realms of facilities, property management and asset management. BIM represents more than a mere 3D model; it transcends the concept of a digital twin. So, what precisely is BIM, and how does it relate to smart buildings?

Numerous smart building strategies falter due to the mishandling of data due to it being unstructured, incomplete, incorrect or incompatible. Implementing a robust information management strategy ensures that you unlock the full potential of the data generated by your assets. This transformation of data into actionable intelligence ultimately translates into cost savings, achievement of sustainability objectives, and the creation of a more comfortable and functional environment for your occupants.

By watching this on-demand webinar, you will discover that BIM is not just another passing trend but a comprehensive process that promises to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and optimise your asset management. It will equip you with the ability to seamlessly integrate new technologies at a lower cost while extracting greater value from the data they generate.

About the speaker:
For over 20 years, Lucas has been bridging the gap between construction and operation by facilitating the procurement, delivery and management of asset information. Having held information management roles in the development, design, construction and operation of large, real estate assets, Lucas saw opportunity for the use of data at each stage in an asset’s lifecycle and has worked to manage its transition and exploitation from one stage to the next.

At Glider, Lucas manages the go-to-market strategy for creating value for asset owners from the information produced from design and construction.