Client Success Story

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)

New Common Data Environment

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation is an operating arm of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and plays a vital role in supporting the UK’s armed forces by building, maintaining and servicing the infrastructure needed to support defence.

DIO: New Common Data Environment

DIO manages around 1.8% of the UK’s landmass, including 115,000 non-residential buildings and 50,000 houses.

In support of, and to comply with, the Government Construction Strategy (GCS), the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Common Data Environment (CDE) will provide DIO with a seamless, integrated solution that will facilitate improved ownership and control of its data, models and documents to enable efficient collaboration with industry partners and suppliers.

Glider successfully won a bid to fulfill the DIO’s requirement for an ISO 19650-compliant CDE, the need for which was originally identified under the BIM project as part of the GCS. The Glider team, together with DIO, has worked to define a holistic set of requirements to be implemented.

The gliderbim® CDE will become a key component of the DIO’s Asset Information Architecture to manage asset information for capital delivery projects and their existing estate.


Project: New Common Data Environment
Client: Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), part of the Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Consultancy services provided

gliderbim® CDE Software Provider, gliderbim® Solution Architect & Implementation Manager, and Software Systems Integrator

gliderbim® features

All modules and features of gliderbim® implemented for the management of the DIO estate