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The case for information management

Date recorded: 28 June 2023


With new technologies and the intense activity needed to satisfy the Building Safety Act, the need for high quality information management continues to be overlooked.

Not only does this put the UK’s reputation as an international leader in BIM at risk, but it could undermine the significant effort made to structure key industry data and digitise asset lifecycle processes.

In this recorded webinar, Glider’s Head of Product John Adams, makes the case for continued focus and effort in implementing the information management mandate from the way we design, build and operate our built environment to the exciting digital future for asset owners. He demonstrates how structured information can help to improve the efficient running of a complex estate with real life examples from some of Glider’s customers

About the presenter

John Adams,
Head of Product at Glider Technology

John is a well-respected thought leader in the BIM space. As a former architect and director of a BIM consultancy, he was actively involved in the creation of BIM standards.John regularly talks on behalf of the nima (formerly the UK BIM Alliance), and uses his platform to be a conscientious disruptor, with a positive and challenging stance to increase BIM adoption and improve information management standards across the industry.

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