Asset Information Models: What asset owners need to know

Date recorded: 21 June 2023

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In this watch on demand webinar, we explore why asset owners need to know the value of their AIM and why it’s important to maintain it.

Whether you’re an asset owner of a new building or have a portfolio of properties, you are likely to be undertaking a digitisation programme. And if that includes onboarding technology such as a BMS, IoT sensors, room booking, entry controls, energy management and lighting then capturing data in a consistent and connected way will be vital.  

Lucas Cusack, Strategic Lead for Asset Management at Glider Technology, explores the common challenges asset owners have with creating and maintaining an AIM and how they can extract more value from a building in the future.

About the presenter

Lucas Cusack
Lucas Cusack,
Strategic Lead for Asset Management at Glider Technology.

Lucas is a digital trailblazer within the built environment industry and has a well-established career working in Building Information Management (BIM) and the rapidly establishing digital twin market.

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