Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a concept which have long been mooted for the benefits for asset and estate owner. Through the adoption of BIM and the evolution of smart building technologies, digital twin is now becoming a reality if it is planned into the project delivery process.

Clearly communicated requirements, correct specification of connected assets and a BIM execution plan tailored to include digital asset delivery are all hallmarks of the leading-edge digital twin projects as mistakes in these areas can fundamentally undermine the opportunities for delivering a true digital twin.

There are many benefits to delivering a digital twin although many of the commonly attributed efficiencies can be achieved through good BIM delivery and well configured systems post-handover. Where digital twins really do add unique benefits are in scenarios where the insight gained throughout the connection of the physical and the digital could not have been achieved otherwise, as well as the ability to test scenarios and changing in the digital environment based on real time data from the built asset itself. As we shift into this new connected paradigm, there will be a multitude of benefits and efficiencies we haven’t even thought of yet.

Of course, with any advancement that concerns the creation, structuring and potential opening of business-critical asset information, security must always be considered. A great place to start understanding the security considerations involved in creating your own digital twin, is by reading the Gemini Principles.

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