Common Data Environment (CDE)

Common Data Environment

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is a collection of processes and technology used to manage information throughout the lifecycle of a built asset. It is likely that a CDE will consist of more than one piece of technology, and how this is structured and managed will likely change at key contractual points. The core purpose of a CDE is to ensure information is controlled and managed effectively whether that is data rich 3D models, structured datasets such as COBie, or documents. Despite the rapid adoption of digital design tools, there are still many documents to manage and there are key differences, and similarities, between how structured and unstructured information flows through the CDE so care should be taken when selecting and implementing a CDE.

A key distinction to be aware of is the growing understanding that the CDE for project delivery is unlikely to be the same as the CDE as needed post-handover. With the growing number of smart buildings which are highly connected, the concept of building operators needing a CDE to manage their asset data which first emerged in PAS1192-3:2014 is really gaining traction, this type of CDE is often referred to as an AIM CDE. It is important to note that setting up an AIM CDE must happen significantly prior to handover to allow for data testing, systems integrations and validation and verification processes to be successfully managed. It is becoming common to run an AIM CDE in parallel with the Project CDE from the earliest stages of a project, which allows the team to work towards a first-class digital handover which has started with the end in mind.

To understand more about how CDEs can be configured to support the use of ISO 19650 processes, there is an excellent UK BIM Framework Guidance document.

If you would like to know how our customers are deploying their CDE using our gliderbim® software, view our Client Success Stories.

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