Asset Information Management

COBie was first developed by Bill East of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and has gone on to become a successful international Open standard for collecting, relating and exchanging asset information. The ability to add bespoke requirements related to COBie’s reliable core structure of required fields to iteratively deliver a structured asset dataset makes COBie the natural choice for many information exchange scenarios.

Although COBie can be presented as a spreadsheet, it is actually a subset of the industry standard for sharing BIM information (IFC), making COBie readily exportable from most BIM authoring platforms. However, it is important to note that much of the value using COBie provides is found in the latter stages of a project, with data not found in design models, such as serial numbers and installation dates. To ensure this data is captured and verified for later use, the requirements should be described in the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and the technical approach to validating and verifying the data should be agreed and tested as early as feasible.

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