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Data Anlytics

Analyse your data to unlock value from your built assets

Go beyond spreadsheets with gliderbim® data analytics

Unlock the full potential of your built assets with gliderbim®’s data analytics. Gain essential insights into your assets and projects with change logs and built-in verification reports.

Full lifecycle management for all maintainable assets

gliderbim® is much more than a library of documents, data, drawings and models. Each field and data point captured can provide a granular view of its history and accuracy so you can maintain a golden thread of information from import to replacement. Once you have data that you can trust it means you will be able to gain better insights.

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Data that’s verified and complete

The automated rule-based data verification functionality in gliderbim® automatically reports on the completeness of the asset data. Imported data is checked against user-configurable validation rules. The report federates data from many data sources and reports the overall status with colour-coded indicators. The report can be filtered by model discipline, responsibility and phase and includes full text search capabilities to instantly find and report on specific deliverables.

gliderbim Data verification report

Track everything from import to replacement

With an immutable change log for multiple data points you can accurately track all your data at all stages of its lifecycle to understand the who, the what, the how, the where and the why. These data insights can help leadership teams understand the lifecycle of an asset and make better, more informed decisions that drive efficient performance.

gliderbim BIM module

Tracking for complex handover projects

We help to streamline the document management for complex digital O&M handover projects. Our project reports show a 360° view of the deliverables and progress on the completeness of the information supplied by multiple trade contractors and data authors. By simplifying the collation and verification of your structured asset data, you can be confident of a right-first-time delivery and an operational soft landing.

Gain essential insights into your accurate asset information

Data migration made simple

Good data leads to valuable insights. If you need assistance with collecting your data in one single platform, our dedicated data migration team can make the migration process smooth and hassle-free. We understand the unique needs of the built environment and BIM data, and we tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. Our proven methodology helps to structure your information with minimal disruption to your operations so you can quickly reap the benefits of data consolidation.

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