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ISO 19650

What is ISO 19650?

The UK BIM Framework website hosts a brilliantly produced, and regularly updated set of guidance documents to the ISO 19650 standards, we recommend reading to understand the process instead of the standards which are highly technical.

There are two main parts to ISO 19650:

  • ISO 19650-1:2018 – Part 1:

Concepts and principles

  • The definition of common terms and concepts related to BIM and information management.
  • The importance of clear and consistent information requirements and specifications.
  • The collaboration and coordination among stakeholders involved in the project.
  • The role of information management plans and the need for documentation and record-keeping.
  • ISO 19650-2:2018 – Part 2

Delivery phase of assets

  • Information delivery planning and exchange requirements.
  • The organisation of information within a Common Data Environment (CDE).
  • File naming conventions and data structures for BIM models.
  • The use of validation and approval processes for exchanged information.

With these processes implemented in full, the effectiveness of the supply chain, the loss of data and the need for rework throughout the entire lifecycle of a built asset, from concept and design through construction to operation and maintenance can be assured.

The standards enable a structured and standardised approach to BIM implementation, facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders which ensures the effective use of digital information throughout the asset lifecycle.

As ISO 19650 is an international standard, many countries around the world are implementing it with their own national annexes, which provide additional national guidance that can be followed with the confidence of not conflicting with the core content.

The UK National Annex incorporates the enhanced version of UK BIM , referred to as BIM Level 2, and this section should be followed closely when working on UK projects.