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Glider’s Stuart Bell in conversation with Payapps: ‘From Surviving to Thriving’

Payapps' 'From Surviving to Thriving' Campaign Spotlights Industry Innovation with Glider Technology

Back in May 2023, Stuart Bell was interviewed by Anthony Puma, Digital Payment Expert at Payapps UK. The interview was part of their ‘From Surviving to Thriving’ campaign. During the conversation, Stuart shared his insights into the construction sector.

To kick off the conversation, Anthony asked Stuart about the requirement for digital skills in the industry. Highlighting the industry’s slow adoption of change, Stuart emphasised the pivotal role of people and their need for new digital skills to meet growing demands for Net Zero, energy savings and optimised spaces in the era of hybrid working. As Stuart discussed the challenges hindering the construction sector’s progress, he emphasised the necessity for improved collaboration, communication and a better understanding of clients’ needs.

The conversation delves into the transformative power of digital skills in unlocking the full potential of smart buildings, and the crucial role of data-driven decision-making in achieving efficiency and sustainability goals. Stuart addresses the industry’s past hesitancy toward change, offering insights into the potential for technology, such as AI and machine learning, to drive innovation when applied strategically.

“From a smart buildings perspective, there’s new demands like Net Zero, energy savings and post-pandemic considerations like hybrid working. A lot of that is driven by data, and if you don’t have individuals that understand the need and can articulate their requirements, it’s going to be a real challenge to unlock the value out of that smart building.”

The interview concludes on an optimistic note, with Stuart sharing his predictions for the future of the construction industry, envisioning a landscape where buildings become intelligent, fostering a new era of productivity and efficiency.


Check out the full interview below: