Glider supports the Women in BIM Mentor Scheme

Proud sponsor of the forward-thinking tech podcast ‘Women in BIM’, Glider, is delighted that it’s very own Sarah Marshall and John Adams were guests on the show. Sarah and John were invited to share their insights on the role that Building Information Management (BIM) is playing in changing the built environment.

Presented by Rebecca de Cicco, the Women in BIM podcast is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at supporting and growing the number of women in BIM and digital related roles. The podcast aims to enable a future construction industry where diversity is no longer an issue. Information Management specialist Glider takes the same approach towards diversity. As a Gold Sponsor of the Women in BIM podcast, with Glider’s Managing Director Nick Hutchinson being one of its earliest supporters, the Glider team was delighted to be invited on the podcast to share their thoughts on BIM.

Sarah Marshall, Digital Delivery Manager, is Sarah Marshall, Digital Delivery Managerin charge of project delivery at Glider, focusing on asset information delivery, verification of data, and BIM execution plans amongst other things. Sarah has a background in architectural technology, where she learnt about asset data management and delivery.

When asked about the importance of diversity in BIM, Sarah replied: “It’s key to have female role models in the industry; people you can relate to and rely on for support. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

John Adams, Head of ProductJohn Adams, Head of Product at Glider is responsible for ensuring that projects are suitable for the market, working closely with customers to understand their information management needs.

On the same topic, John added: “Diversity is the right initiative, and it should be made clear that there are roles for everyone within BIM.”

Introducing Glider, John discussed the company’s key offerings and relevance to the construction industry within the UK and on a global level. John explained that Glider is a technology business with a strong consultancy at its heart. “Nobody knows where their digital journey is going to end, but they know that there are challenges.” Therefore, Glider’s Information Management specialists can offer long term value to clients on their BIM journey.

Rebecca mentioned that currently one of the greatest problems facing the market is the lack of knowledge in relation to Asset Information Requirements (AIRs) and Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs.)

Sarah agreed, and stated that the main challenge businesses face is the lack of knowledge around utilising their data. Glider helps this by assisting clients in getting to the roots of their AIRs and EIRs. She remarked, “We’re in a position where we’re helping people to understand what they want. Glider is key in that we can use our industry experience and knowledge to guide them through the project and to help them understand what they need.”

John also mentioned the challenge of bridging the gap between ambition and reality, as the BIM industry is now making ambitious advances, such as smart buildings and digital twins.

He commented, “Some people have not adopted BIM yet and some people are doing some really clever innovative things. But what people really need to grasp about the smart building, digital twin and BIM trifecta is that if you want a digital twin, you can’t do it without good BIM, because a digital twin relies on good data.”

On the topic of careers in BIM, Sarah commented, “Other than the one module in my university degree I didn’t really know what BIM was or that it could be a standalone career! Through my first role in an architect’s practice, BIM was just creating 3D models and I realised I had more of an interest in the software than creating a model of a how a window sits in a brick wall. Then an opportunity came up for me, and I found out that the asset management is the ‘why it happens’ and I wanted to explore it more.”

In terms of advice to the next generation starting a career in BIM, Sarah said: “Ask questions, stay curious and be inquisitive. Take any opportunities that come your way and take in any information that comes your way.”

John added “Keep your eyes open, take opportunities as they come and don’t stop reading! This is an industry you’ll never complete, and there’s always something new to read, so don’t stop reading.”

As asset information management is a complex process, Glider aims to bring harmony to the digital approach, making it as simple as possible for its clients. Glider not only aims to be progressive in terms of its products, but in terms of its company culture and always champions diversity.

To hear the full conversation where Glider discusses challenges facing the market, diversity in the BIM sector and how the company is simplifying the BIM process, listen to the Women in BIM podcast.

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