Nick Hutchinson talks to Women in BIM about gender equality in the construction industry

When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, the construction industry is lagging behind many other industries. For Glider, improving this imbalance is crucial to the continued innovation of digital construction and creating a more unbiased industry.

Nick Hutchinson

Nick Hutchinson, Glider Managing Director and Co-Founder, recently sat down for a conversation with Women in BIM about why the construction industry needs a more inclusive workforce. Nick said: “Currently women make up only 13% of the workforce across the industry, and improving this statistic is crucial to a successful future. If we do not approach it head on collectively as an industry we will be left behind, and our work will not be reflective of society.

“Collaboration is essential in the construction industry. It is a method and a value that our whole supply chain and working systems are based upon – on any given project, we must work cohesively and considerately to achieve shared goals.”

Within this context, equality and inclusion are necessary to ensure a fluid and healthy working ecosystem, which ultimately reflects upon the resulting built environment. Nick added that at Glider, every person is valued equally, it’s all about the skills, knowledge and proficiency that are brought to the table.

You can read the full interview with Nick here: Women in BIM talks to Nick Hutchinson about gender equality in the construction industry