Software Developer Maria Header

From kickboxer to seamstress, out new Software Developer, Maria is a women of many talents! We’re delighted to welcome Maria to the Glider Team, who joins us with great enthusiasm and a willingness to learn all things digital construction. Hear more from Maria in our latest Meet the Team feature below.

How did you get into digital construction?

What made it appealing was the project and company.

What advice would you give young people trying to get into this industry?

Be curious and want to learn!

Describe your typical day?

Question myself, why is time to start my day again, that normally lasts around 10mins! Finally get up, shower and switch my laptop on and welcome to another day of work! Where we have our stand up meetings to discuss what we have been working on and if there are any problems (workwise, for others I leave it to my therapist!) and work on our current task! After work I either go to the gym, sewing class or just the classic play dead!

Do you have any hidden talents?

Being bitten by mosquitos… It must be!

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome these?

I think one of my biggest challenges was to finish my Masters while working. It is very hard when you spend all your day working, and by the end of the day still find the energy to code some more! I overcame it with a lot of discipline, my supervisor was a huge help with this, since he helped me set up weekly goals to reach the point I needed.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Crossfit, kickboxing, sewing and going for a drink with friends!

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