Glider appoints new Risk and Compliance Manager

As an Information Management specialist company, we pride ourselves on our thorough auditing and compliance. The man at the helm of Glider’s Risk and Compliance is Ajay Mistry, who has now been managing our internal and external risk analysis and compliance processes for a year.

Ajay is an analytical, team player who has become an integral part of Team Glider since joining in autumn 2021, and we are proud to have him on board. Hear more from Ajay about his Glider journey in our latest Meet the Team feature below.

What is it like working from home full time?

For me, working from home has created a lot of benefits over the past year. It is great with flexible working hours, to allow me to spend time with my family and have a great work-life balance. It comes with its challenges; however, it’s also very rewarding. Glider does some really good things in the shape of Employee Voice, All Hands Meetings, and regular Staff away days. This really helps bond everyone as a company and helps to make connections you may not necessarily build when working in an office. Overall, working from home has truly reduced stress and changed the way I work for the better!

What does an average work day look like for your role?

It’s very difficult to describe an average work day in the life of a Risk and Compliance Manager. The day, week, or even month is a constantly changing environment. It’s fast-paced and has new challenges and problems. So, I find it’s key to be highly organised and adapt to the day, week, or month. On an average day, it would consist of deadlines with high-priority items that involve clients, client due diligence, and high-risk compliance items. Then, it would involve dealing with longer-term projects and shaping the future compliance frameworks for the company.

What do you like most about your job at Glider Technology?

There isn’t just one thing I like about my job, but working at Glider gives me flexibility, reward and most importantly, recognition for a job well done. Glider truly understands giving credit to people when it’s well deserved. The final factor is the human factor, as Glider has a great bunch of people working and more importantly, people who understand when life gets in the way. It’s that understanding that truly makes the difference.

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