Marketing Manager Jessica

There are many benefits to embracing digital transformation, from security and efficiency to better collaboration and communication. We’re sure she needs no introduction but we’ve been delighted to welcome Jessica Huckle to Team Glider in recent months and it’s fair to say Jess has already made a huge impression with us. Her willingness to learn all things digital construction and the impact that technology has on business means Jess is one step ahead of the game. We’re proud to have you on the team, Jess! Hear more from Jessica in our latest Meet the Team feature below.

What does Digital Transformation mean to you?

Digital transformation means moving to a digital environment and therefore, creating a more secure and accessible system for businesses.

How is the construction industry modernising, and where do you see Glider in this movement?

By moving from paper based to digital it is modernising the approach to how data is sourced and stored. Glider’s software and services are creating collaboration within businesses that have been unable to previously do so.

If someone asked you, what would be the core reasons to go digital?

I think it is more efficient for the business to go all digital. Going digital increases access to the data and ensures it is more up to date too. This then leads to having better collaboration and communication between the business because of having better quality data. 

Digital Tranformation can be complex. How can we simplify the process?

Outlining the digital transformation requirements at an early stage, it simplifies for the business what the goals/objectives are and what will be needed to achieve them.

What stage in the transformation journey would you find most businesses today?

I am still new to the industry but from the conversations I have had, I think most businesses are still early on in their transformation process. However, having the right software to implement into your transformation is very important and that is exactly what Glider offers.

What is your favourite part of your role at Glider?

Being a Marketing Manager it is a very varied role, but my favourite part is when we attend events. My first event with Glider was at Digital Construction Week 2022, and I found that at that event I was able to directly interact with many different individuals and hear their stories about their own digital transformation journeys and learn about the industry in more detail straight from the experts themselves. I am looking forward to interacting with more people and learning more at future events and webinars.

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