Complex BIM Projects

Building Information Management software specialist Glider’s webinar on ‘Complex BIM Projects’ is aimed at helping contractors with BIM processes throughout the asset lifecycle.

The webinar, which was recorded in July 2022, was attended by contractors and lead appointed parties. It guided the attendees through the effective delivery of complex BIM projects. The asset lifecycle software specialist demonstrated its expertise with the intention of making Building Information Management (BIM) more accessible. 

BIM is a process of creating and managing information for a built asset throughout its entire lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations. Despite the increasing importance of BIM to the construction sector, it is still a complicated issue for many construction professionals.

Glider aims to underpin and accelerate the industry’s transition to data driven, intelligent built assets, and is powering the digitalisation of the built environment with its data driven Common Data Environment (CDE), gliderbim®.

In the webinar, Glider’s handover documentation and information management consultants imparted their knowledge, educating attendees on how to tackle complex BIM projects. Glider’s John Adams, Robert Wood and Sian Butcher MCIAT and Kier Group’s James Franklin BIM-CP addressed the processes, approaches and technologies required across the technical design, construction and handover phases.

John Adams, Head of Product at Glider, commented: “I thoroughly enjoyed chairing this session with my Glider Technology colleagues and the always insightful James Franklin BIM-CP from Kier Group.”

“This wasn’t just a webinar for the BIM troubadours out there; it offered insight and advice for clients, designers, contractors, consultants and facility managers, and anyone else who wanted to know more about the digital direction of our industry.”

Glider also discussed the impact that evolving information requirements are having on the asset lifecycle and the knock-on-effect this is having across supply chains.  John Adams continued: “Some of these changes are a result of client-side adoption of information management technologies, some by smart building technology availability and maturity, and others by the growing maturity of the industry more generally.”

John discussed how the practices set out by the government’s BIM mandate (2016) have shifted from creating models of built assets, to creating comprehensive information requirements and looking closely at the purpose of the information. Glider also highlighted the significance of the process of collecting and verifying data throughout the supply chain, which is essential if clients wish to integrate with other systems. The consultants discussed that this is an exciting time for the industry, as there are technologies facilitating extensive data gathering, creating many exceptional possibilities for construction design, such as the HMP Five Wells project which Glider recently worked on.

The webinar was a success, helping to enlighten contractors, clients and more on how to approach complex BIM projects and what the evolution of information management means for the industry as a whole.

To find out how to approach complex BIM projects, Glider’s webinar is available to watch online now.  

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