In today’s fast-paced world of modern business, where long working hours and tight deadlines have become the norm for some, Glider recognises the importance of employee well-being and work-life balance. As a progressive employer, Glider adopted a fully remote or ‘virtual’ business model when it was founded in 2016 – long before the pandemic forced businesses to embrace home working. In another bold move to promote a healthy work-life balance, Glider has added “Finish Early Fridays” to the list of employee benefits. 

The initiative, which was introduced in January 2023 on a trial basis, saw employees wrap up their working week at 1pm once a month. During the trial, employees praised the time to recharge, and the leadership team recognised there was no impact on the excellent client service levels and very little impact on productivity. As a result, Finish Early Friday has become a permanent fixture and adds the equivalent of 6 days to the already-generous annual leave allowance. 

Henry Saunders, Head of Operations at Glider, explains: “Initiatives like Finish Early Friday aren’t about sacrificing productivity for leisure. Rather, they’re about recognising that well-rested and motivated employees are more likely to excel in their roles. Glider  values its employees and this is another important step in demonstrating our commitment to investing in the productivity and longevity of our workforce.” 

A glimpse into Finish Early Friday

Employees look forward to these special Fridays so we asked a few of them to share the things they have been able to do since the Finish Early Friday initiative was introduced. Switching off at 1pm once a month has meant they have gained precious hours to unwind, spend time with loved ones, or simply pursue personal passions. Here are just some of ways they spent their afternoons: 

Luke Pibworth

Luke Pibworth, Product Owner

Luke has been able to fit in catch ups with a friend on his Friday afternoons off, as this is the only day they can both meet up.

More recently, he was also able to get an early start on a family weekend in Kent by getting on the road much earlier than normal and avoiding most of the rush-hour traffic. Here he is enjoying some well-deserved time off on the beach!

Emma Ashton, Business Administrator

Being able to finish at 1pm, has allowed Emma to take advantage of the extended weekend and go on more adventures in her campervan. One weekend she ventured to Ingleton and admired these amazing views from the Meadow Falls campsite.

Emma Ashton Campervan

Sian Butcher, Senior Digital Delivery Manager

Sian has really appreciated the additional time off and when the weather has been good, he’s been able to spend time on the water. However, during the school holidays, Sian has been able to spend more time with his children and even took them to a local climbing centre.

Lisa Parker, Handover Document Manager

As the primary carer for her 85 year old mother, Lisa has appreciated being able to spend more time with her mum and help her out by doing small jobs and shopping for her. This is something that she’d normally do over the weekend, so it has left Lisa free to do other things instead – which is often doing her own housework!

A balanced approach to work and life

Finish Early Friday is just one of Glider’s comprehensive benefits, reflecting the company’s commitment to employee welfare. Fully remote working provides employees the freedom and flexibility they deserve, allowing them to produce their best work and live healthier, happier lives. A significant number of employees are working parents, and so Glider promotes a flexible and family-friendly work culture that allows employees to work around their personal obligations without any unnecessary stress.

As a fully remote business, Glider recognises the importance of personal connections and team building, so there are regular away days organised. Previous away days have included team building activities based on the Squid Games and the Crystal Maze and in 2022 there was a trip to Barcelona. Memorable work trips such as these ensure that the team is able to make personal connections that may not necessarily be made when working in an office, let alone working remotely.

In addition to the extended Friday afternoons and remote working, employees at Glider benefit from professional training opportunities, private medical insurance, income protection and life assurance. 

Setting a positive example

Glider is setting a positive example for the business world. As the modern workplace continues to evolve, initiatives like these are a testament to the idea that happy employees drive a company’s success.

Innovation is at the forefront of Glider’s mission and the Finish Early Friday initiative demonstrates the company’s progressive and people-centric approach. Glider is not only enhancing the lives of its employees but also reshaping the future of work – one where employee well-being takes centre stage. 

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