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Glider makes the Top 25 Contech Partner shortlist

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Build in Digital, the digital news platform for digital construction professionals. It highlights the leading construction technology (contech) partners through its Top 25 Contech Partners list.

The Top 25 Contech Partners was formed to provide an extensive account of the best construction technology companies operating in the built environment. The digital transformation of construction is accelerating, with new companies, innovations and approaches developing every day.

From digital construction technologies like Building Information Management (BIM) and 3D printing to digital twins, construction technologies are becoming a vital part of the way structures are designed, built and operated.

While the construction technology industry is flourishing, it’s not always obvious who the best supply chain partners are. The Top 25 Contech Partners aims to shine a light on those organisations by providing an independent, impartial account of the best performing contech firms and giving them the opportunity to position themselves as leading industry partners.

The panel is highly selective. The firms that are delivering the most innovative construction technology products and services to their clients have been shortlisted.

All the entries are now sitting with the judging panel. As a leading information management specialist, Glider is pleased to have been shortlisted as a nominee for the top 25 Contech Partners. The judges will now rank each Contech firm according to the three core criteria areas of innovation, adoption and customer satisfaction.

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Alongside the judging panel of construction technology experts, those in the industry also have the chance to cast their votes.

We would like to encourage our industry partners to vote for Glider as one of the sector’s best contech firms.

Please note:

  • Only votes from property and Architecture, Engineering and Construction clients will count.
  • Votes are limited to one per individual and email address. Votes from different individuals from the same company are still counted.
  • Voters will need to register on Build in Digital as part of the voting process if they are not already a member (it’s free).

Industry voting closes: 5pm Friday 27th January.

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