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Glider at Digital Construction Week 2021

Digital Construction Week 2021 was monumental for us in many ways. Not just the start of live engagements but it was the platform upon which we launched the new Glider Information Value Chain.

The Glider Information Value Chain is a key mechanism that is applied to the whole lifecycle of an asset, from design through to operation, for better building performance at every stage of the project. This 5-step process of Define & Communicate, Collect & Verify, Connect & Share, Analyse & Evaluate and Exploit & Act ensures that the flow of information is not only connected, but we can be confident that the process only requests and creates information that has value.

DCW was also the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest work with the Ministry and Defence’s (MOD) Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO),

The (DIO) manages around 1.8% of the UK’s landmass, including 115,000 non-residential buildings and 50,000 houses on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, and for several months we have been supporting the MOD and DIO in the set-up of a new common data environment through our gliderbim® platform. We invited Jane Dudson, Asset Information Manager at the DIO, to give a presentation on our stand about managing the MOD estate. This presentation drew in quite a crowd, all interested in how this works and what outcomes have been achieved so far.

Over the two days at DCW, it was clear that people wanted to be back at industry events and engagement was almost back to levels we experienced pre-pandemic. In this new world we now find ourselves in, building relationships is important now more than ever, and we look forward to 2022 and future live events.

To find out more about the Glider Information Value Chain and the work we are doing with the MOD, get in touch.