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Company Updates:
Glider announces string of new promotions

As part of Glider’s continuous development plan, eight of its team members gained promotions in December 2022.

This recent round of advancements indicates Glider’s investment in its employees.  It also signifies the company’s optimistic growth strategy for 2023.

Proud Promotions

With ambitious three-to-five year targets in place, Glider has introduced several new roles to facilitate the company’s aspirations. Glider’s Peter Fields has been promoted from Senior Software Engineer to Principal Engineer. James Anderson, Mark Thorpe, Sarah Marshall, Sian Butcher and Robert Wood have been promoted from Digital Delivery Managers to Senior Digital Delivery Managers. Additionally, Molly Giblin has been promoted from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager. Ajay Mistry has advanced from Risk and Compliance Manager to Senior Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager.

Employee Progression

Glider looks at its team members holistically and provides ample opportunity for employee progression. The Career Development Review (CDR) scheme provides a formal touch-point for employees and their line managers to meet quarterly. These meetings are to discuss their workload, set objectives and ensure wellbeing and work-life balance is being maintained. Following CDRs, we have even provided training to help employees achieve career goals, and improve their work performance and confidence. All of our line managers are supportive. They want to see their team perform well and learn and develop their own professional goals.

Prioritising Our People

We prioritise investment in our team, so these promotions demonstrate Glider’s commitment to developing employees.

Commenting on the promotions, Henry Saunders, Head of Operations, commented:

“I’m happy to announce a round of new promotions in line with our continuous development plan. The fact that many team members have been promoted is a testament to how highly we value our employees. We support them in accomplishing their individual career goals as well as putting Glider on track to achieve its targets.”

Glider is always interested in hearing from individuals who have a passion for all things digital and a technological talent for delivering world-leading projects within the digital architecture, engineering and construction space. To find out about our current open positions, please visit our careers page.


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