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Glider supports the Women in BIM mentor scheme

After the launch of the Women in BIM Mentor Scheme early last year, it is amazing to see this brilliant initiative returning for 2021.

Katya Veleva, part of the core Women in BIM team and Mentor Scheme lead, gave us the scoop on what’s been happening, and what’s to come.

“The Women in BIM Mentoring Scheme comes from our core values. We strive to elevate the image of women and people of minority genders in our industry. We try to source opportunity for exposure – we want our members on (virtual) stages, talking about their work and sharing their views and experiences.

“One of the ways to do that is by creating spaces for more women in BIM to connect via our networking events. At the end of 2019, we decided to take things a step further – we really wanted to foster stable and productive connections for our members within the industry. Therefore, we began the process of creating a mentoring scheme.

“After an incredibly successful first year, we have opened the programme once again to a global pool of applicants from the full spectrum of our industry.

“When the applications have all come in, we then go through a rigorous matching process to find the best suited mentoring couples. We invite those couples to connect and agree to a one-to-one mentoring relationship and provide them with various materials to support their development.

“We always ask our Mentors/Mentee to keep us up to date on their meetings, and we organise regular mentor check-ins where we keep an eye on what works and where the participants need more help.

“Due to the overwhelming number of applicants last year, we organised a series of group mentoring events as well. We were incredibly thrilled with how well they were received, and we will be making them part of our programming for this year as well.”

UPDATE: Applications for the Women in BIM Mentor Scheme have now closed.

Katya has also produced some excellent videos to help those considering taking part gain a little more detail. Watch here for Mentors and Mentee videos.

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