Senior DevOps Manager

  • Full Time (40 hrs p/w Monday – Friday)

  • Salary £60-75k per annum (depending on experience)

  • Working from home (permanently)

  • 25 days annual leave (excluding bank holidays)

The Company

Established in 2016, Glider Technology (Glider) has a passion for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Information Management, and because of this we develop and provide information management software and consultancy services to the AEC and asset management industries. 

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) is named gliderbim®, and is a new, unique brand of full lifecycle, asset information management software.  Our mission is to revolutionise how information is managed throughout design, construction and operation of the built environment.

The Glider team is made up of a diverse team of software engineers, BIM consultants, Information Managers, Project Managers, and Senior Management. All staff work from home and always will do, but we like to meet up on a regular basis for company briefings, team building, and general fun.

Responsibilities & Duties

At Glider, we currently share responsibility for DevOps within the Development Team. However, due to successful growth of the business, we are looking at a series of significant DevOps projects. We are looking for an experienced engineer to take the lead on this aspect.

  • Working with the development team:
    • Building automatic deployment pipelines
    • Providing a suitable environment to run the application
    • Providing tools to help run the application locally and debug issues faster
    • Educating developers on DevOps principles and best practices
  • Proactively working with our environments:
    • Modifying the software to make it easier to deploy and administer
    • Proactively adding automations to notify us of error conditions before they happen
    • Setting up new environments for development, QA or for other geographic regions
  • Reactively working on our software:
    • Diagnosing issues, implementing short-term fixes and designing long-term solutions to problems
    • Monitoring of the application in production to identify emerging problems
  • Working with our customers:
    • Writing documentation to streamline the deployment process so customers can do this themselves
    • Assisting with or performing deployments to customer sites
    • Third-line support for customers who are deploying the application on-premises

Key projects you will be involved in

  • ECS to Kubernetes migration – Glider targeted ECS because we wanted to use Docker in AWS but EKS didn’t exist at the time. We would like to minify our direct AWS integration for deployment and move to more of a Kubernetes based system that can be deployed anywhere
  • Azure reference deployment – a number of customers are interested in deploying our software to their own Azure deployments so we will need to do this and document it appropriately with associated integration testing
  • Generating virtual machines for testing locally and for end-to-end testing using Cypress
  • Configuring load balancing and automatic scaling based on demand
  • Streamlining CI/CD process of built code seamlessly into live environments
  • Refactoring our current Terraform configuration which is large and unwieldy

Qualifications & Skill Requirements


  • Keen and ambitious attitude and willingness to learn
  • Strong analytical and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Extensive experience in a software engineering, DevOps or SRE position
  • Proven experience diagnosing issues quickly
  • Proven experience deploying and running software at scale
  • OS:
    • Windows Server
    • Linux – Amazon Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc
  • Software:
    • Terraform or other automated infrastructure provisioning (CloudFormation, etc)
    • Packer or other VM provisioning software
    • Kubernetes or other container management systems
    • Docker
    • TeamCity, or another CI Server
    • Git or other DCVS
  • Programming languages – expert level at one of:
    • Javascript
    • Typescript
    • C#
    • Or another similar language
  • Scripting languages – one of:
    • Powershell
    • Bash
  • Extensive AWS experience
    • EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, RDS, etc.
    • Cost optimisation

It is also essential that either have or are able to get SC clearance for our government jobs.


  • Azure deployment experience
  • NoSQL deployment experience, either as PaaS or standalone
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Nomad
  • Vault, Consul, etc
  • AWS ECS experience
  • Experience working with traditional datacenters
  • Active Directory
  • ADFS, Okta, or other IDP gateways
  • MacOS experience
  • NSIS
  • MySQL
  • GitLab
  • Cypress

If you have the skills and experience to fulfill the role advertised and wish to join our team, please forward a covering letter and your CV to

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