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Powering a data driven future

Glider is powering the digitalisation of the built environment, through our data-driven software solutions and information management consultancy. 

A Common Data Environment designed to make a lasting impact

Our digital solutions empower individuals and organisations across the globe to learn, connect and take control, overcoming any complex information management challenges.

Accelerating the process of securing a collaborative culture across the built environment

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s information need, sector dynamics and technical know-how to achieve collaboration and coordination. We build digital homes for project data management.

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Thousands of people across hundreds of companies use gliderbim® to manage their project information and data.

Transitioning how we work and the use of the Digital Twin

Transitioning how we work and the use of the digital twin

For those who believe that digital adoption can deliver a construction industry ready for the future, we live in exciting, yet sometimes frustrating times. One of the best examples of this juxtaposition is the concept of the digital twin. Emerging evidence from other industries has shown that creating digital twins is now reality. However, we risk trying to run before we can walk.

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